Physics in Action!

posted: Monday, February 7, 2017 

On Monday, February 6, 2017, Grade 11 and 12 Advanced Physics classes went on a field trip to Price Industries for a presentation from Gerry Price himself on physics, engineering, and business. Students also took a tour of the Price Research Centre North. Highlights included presentations on computational fluid dynamics, numerous demonstrations on air flow, and various engaging discussions on real-world engineering and problem-solving.

Marie, Grade 11, writes:

“As one of Mr. Panas’ AP Physics students, I had the opportunity to, along with 30 of my peers, visit Price Industries’ head office in Canada. Price industries is North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products and is constantly turning out new, innovative technology. We had the opportunity to hear about the company’s impressive history and growth from CEO Gerry Price, along with some wise advice on business, career choice and life. We then got to tour the lab where rigorous testing is performed. We got to see demonstrations of different products in action up close and personal, and got to hear about the science behind them from a number of engineers who specialize in the field. We got to see how the right air ventilation system can prevent contamination in an operating room, stop the common cold from spreading in close quarters or create an optimal level of productivity in office buildings. We were also shown the advanced digital modelling software used to demonstrate air flow through any building. It was an incredibly powerful and motivating experience to see the physics we’re learning right now being the basis of cutting-edge innovation. Though the science was impressive, the most important takeaway for myself was how essential ethical business practices are when dealing with employees and customers alike, and how that has given Price Industries an edge over the competitors.”