Rock Show 27: A Night at the Movies

posted: Friday, March 17, 2017

This week saw the much-anticipated 27th production of SJR’s Rock Show! The event was held from March 14-16, 2017, with this year’s theme being Night at the Movies. Over the past 27 years, over 1,500 students have lived out the dream of teenagers from around the world by taking to the stage and becoming a rock star. For 25 years, former teacher and music historian John Einarson ran the show; the past two years have been directed by Carlin Lemon, musical director of The Big City All Star Band.

Over the past few months, students have been introduced to movies and songs from years gone by, and have collaborated and learned performance techniques and stage presence. Lighting, sound systems, guitar tech and room decoration from outside suppliers all helped transform Reimer Gym into a movie-themed wonderland, complete with movie clips, concert staging and lights, and fresh-made popcorn!

Gabe, Grade 12, said how much the show meant to him: “Rock Show has meant a lot to me over the three years I’ve done it, and it’s gotten better each time. This year’s was especially meaningful because it is my last year, and it was my favourite of the three I’ve done. To hang out with friends is one thing, but to perform and do something you and your friends are all passionate about, that’s something else entirely. Rock Show brings everyone from any grade or any friend group together to participate in something that is fun for everyone.”

A few weeks before the event, some students had the opportunity to perform some of the “funkier” numbers at the SJRPA 2017 Gala, this year’s theme being Saturday Night Fever. The Gala was held in February at the RBC Convention Centre, and the Rock Show students definitely stole the show!  

Corrine, Grade 12, said of the experience: “I’ve been in Rock Show since I was in Grade 9 and not much has changed except that it gets better every year. Along with performing popular songs, it’s a unique and exciting experience to be up on stage with friends. Even though I’m an academic student by day, it’s nice to feel like a rock star! I really liked the Gala this year. In particular, the location was spacious and open. Along with my fellow peers, we were all glad that sound check didn’t take too much time (considering that we had pulled together a dance for Mamma Mia and were able to remember it for the song!). This year’s Gala was really fun, and I hope to remember it long after I graduate from SJR.”

Rock Show is a testament not just to students’ hard work and talent, but also to their ability to collaborate and work creatively together. 

Ariella, Grade 11, said: “Rock Show at SJR is truly a special experience. People say you get out what you put in – and every person involved, especially the directors and organizers – put everything they had into this year’s show. The entire proximity of everyone coming together with a smile and eagerness to learn is what makes the whole experience so memorable. Rock Show allows musicians to be pushed in the direction of their full potential. It is quite amazing to be surrounded by such kind and talented people; so glad I signed up for it!”

Thanks to Caitlin, Grade 10, and Stuti, Grade 11, for taking some photos of this year's show!