From SJR to Harvard Medical School

posted: Friday, December 23,  2016

On December 21, 2016, Grade 11 and Grade 12 students were visited by an SJR alum, Dr. Robert Barry '96

Following his time at SJR, Dr. Barry went on to earn Bachelor and Masters degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba, then completed his Ph.D at the University of Western Ontario in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in the use of MRI. He did post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and has now accepted an appointment at Harvard Medical School as an assistant professor of radiology.
His talk had two main parts. In the first part, Dr. Barry discussed his research, which primarily entails high magnetic field (7 Tesla, which is roughly 140 000 times the Earth's magnetic field) MRI. His research is looking at the imaging of the spinal cord at high field; an area that has been very under-researched. Dr. Barry pointed out that over the last decade, only two research papers have been published in high field MRI of the spinal cord.
The second part of the talk focused on Dr. Barry's key reflections on his academic journey from SJR Class of 1996 to Harvard Medical School. Essentially, this section was compiled of nine things he wished he'd known 20 years ago.
The Grade 12 students saw the talk before Senior School lunch, while the Grade 11 students saw it after lunch. Both groups of students were interested in both the science and the reflections presented by Dr. Barry. Many students stayed after both presentations to ask further questions and Dr. Barry was gracious enough to stay until all questions had been answered. Thank you, Dr. Barry, for taking the time to come home and enlighten our students of today!