A Shining Restoration

posted: Monday, February 13, 2017

Walking through our hallways, it’s difficult not to feel a sense of pride with the achievements of students past and present on display. Awards and accomplishments are celebrated throughout the years, with names, photographs, achievements and trophies adorning the walls; a reflection of our dedicated, ambitious community. These stories don’t simply decorate the halls: our Archives centre holds a wealth of history, tales, photographs and artifacts dating back to our very beginnings almost 200 years ago!

Recently, our Archivist noticed an opportunity for improvement with the School’s trophy cases. Some items were damaged, and the sterling silver had become tarnished, making the inscriptions difficult to read. After approaching Administration, it was agreed that a Metal and Objects Conservator would be hired on a contract basis to both clean and restore the artifacts to their former glory! Take a peek at the difference between a few of them before and after treatment below.

The Debating, Senior School, Middle School and Junior School display cases are now beaming with the achievements of our alumni (St. John's College School/ Ravenscourt/ SJR) and current students. This is thanks to the professional attention of two Object and Metal Conservators, Ms. Lisa May (2009-2013) and Ms. Carolyn Sirett (2013-present). Ms. Sirett also repaired both the Dorsett Sculpture as well as the Centennial Panels in Junior School. Our collective memory is not only preserved, but can be accessed by both our community and visitors. There is much of which to be proud!