A Grant to Grow 

posted: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It truly is a testament to the strength of our community that our alumni continue to be as passionate and involved as they are in their years after graduation. Today, we're proud to shine the spotlight on Hillary Samson ’86.

In addition to owning her own consulting company, Samson Consulting, in which she offers her services as a COO on-demand, Hillary is COO and part-owner of Satya Organic Skin Care, a USDA Certified producer of an organic eczema balm sold in over 400 stores across Canada, which offers a natural, safe alternative to cortical steroids. Hillary's involvement with Satya has brought the company to record-breaking sales: Using effective marketing and creating awareness of the product, sales in two days matched combined sales of the previous year alone!

The company is also one of only five Canadian ventures to receive the SheEO grant, a Toronto-based group that supports women-led ventures with global ambitions to connect women around the world. The model is designed to specifically tackle the kinds of challenges female entrepreneurs face: the harsh truth is that women in business are often underfinanced, undersupported and undercelebrated, and less than 19 per cent of business news mentions ventures lef by women. SheEO begins by seeking a donation of $1,000 from 1,000 women from coast to coast. There is no incentive or charitable receipt for the donation, simply the satisfaction of knowing the money will help other woman in business. The one million dollar fund is then loaned out to up to 10 women-led ventures at 0% interest, paid back over five years and reinvested perpetually. We congratulate Hillary and Satya for being in the top five in Canada!

Though currently residing in Vancouver, Hillary was very excited to hear about our business program at SJR, and has potential plans for a business weekend in the 2017-18 academic year.