October News

Touring Toronto

posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, a group of new SJR boarding students travelled to Toronto, ON. Not only did they have the chance to immerse themselves in the attractions, but the trip also provided the opportunity for learning and bonding experiences.

“I feel I have more friends after coming back from Toronto,” said Grade 9 student Ian. “Everybody as a group created really good relationships with each other, and this trip gave me the chance to talk to some of the new boarders I hadn’t spoken to before. Now, I really enjoy being friends with them.” 

Students experienced some of the sights of the big city, some of which had quite the impact. “Before I went to Toronto,” said Ian, “I had no idea what the biggest city in Canada looked like. After going to the CN Tower to see the view, I realized just how big it is.”

A natural favourite amongst the students was Niagara Falls. “This was my favourite part of the trip,” said Ian. “It’s huge! I feel really lucky to have seen this miracle of the world in my life. We also had the chance to get on a boat to see the huge falls even closer.”

All in all, a fantastic trip was had by all, and students returned Monday, October 10 excited and invigorated for the rest of the school year.