Celebrating the Arts

posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Last week, SJR celebrated creativity in all its forms with Arts Week - a week filled with visual arts displays, musical performances, drama shows and more. Events ranged from lunchtime performances by some of our talented Senior School musicians, the launch of ibid., SJR's creative writing magazine and culminated with the class drama plays on Friday evening. Creativity is everywhere you look at SJR and Arts Week was a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase some of their talents. Below are a few of the higlights - we're looking forward to next year's Arts Week already! 


Making Lemonade out of Play time

posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Earlier in the year, a few students were playing in their Kindergarten classroom and had fun making and serving pretend glasses of lemonade. That day, they went home and told their parents they wanted to have a "real lemonade stand". Kindergarten students Izzie, Lauren and Dylan, along with Grade 1 student, Garrey, were determined to make this happen! They decorated their lemonade cups, helped bake treats to sell and even came up with a mascot and named it Lemy Lemonade.
Over the course of the day, the students raised an amazing $1,155 and have donated their earnings to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. When asked why they chose to donate to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, they said it was “because we wanted to help other children”. The students had a great time helping others and could often be heard thanking their patrons for their generosity.



How One Young Person Can Change the World

By: Ana and Julia, Event Organizers and Grade 12 students

posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We decided to become involved with Kendra’s Walk last year in Grade 11 as helpers to the Grade 12 organizers. We were both inspired by Kendra’s story and her impact she had on children/teenagers living with cancer. Even though Kendra was fighting one of the hardest battles, she never stopped thinking about others. She was humble and compassionate, and we both wanted to carry on her legacy and allow everyone view Kendra the way we did, as a role model.

We think it’s amazing that even though most students have never met Kendra and even some Junior School students weren’t even born during the first Kendra’s Walk, they still support the cause and continue to go above and beyond with fundraising efforts. This year alone, $26,000 was raised through the school community and online donations. Overall, Kendra’s Walk has raised approximately $750,000, all of which has been donated to the Cancercare Foundation. This year, the $26,000 was specifically donated to Pediatric Clinical Trials. Kendra went through clinical trials to help fight against her cancer. We thought it was fitting that the money raised this year went directly to children because our motto for the past eight years has been “Kids helping Kids”.

Like last year, students and members of the SJR community had their hair cut to donate to Pantene to make wigs for cancer patients. This year we had Kelsey Brueton Campbell, Kendra’s best friend, talk to our school about how beautiful and strong Kendra was. We also had Kate Gameiro from Cancer Care Manitoba to speak on behalf of Cancer Care Manitoba and Rachel Kashton, a teenage girl bravely fighting cancer. We also had an amazing performance of “Warrior” by Demi Lovato, sung by Ariel Shatsky and Mona Soni with Raff Cianflone playing the piano. This song really described Kendra and how strong she was during her fight with Cancer. Thank you to everyone who came and donated, your contribution really does make a huge impact on the lives of children and teens living with cancer. Thank you to everyone that has helped make this event possible. Overall, this year’s Walk was a huge success, and we are so grateful to have been able to continue Kendra’s legacy.

About Kendra McBain

At the age of 15, then SJR student, Kendra McBain ’09 was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Kendra spent countless hours of her teen years undergoing treatment in the children’s section of CancerCare Manitoba.  The care was excellent, but as a teenager struggling with a life-threatening disease, Kendra sometimes wished she could get away from the noise and playthings of the younger children.

So, in 2009, Kendra decided to raise money to create a special place just for teens at CancerCare Manitoba—a welcoming sanctuary for those young people who were no longer children, but were also not yet adults. Despite her terrible illness, Kendra put incredible heart and energy into organizing an event called Kendra’s Walk and raised more than $160,000 for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. Kendra’s efforts not only provided a cozy room designed specifically for teens with cancer, but also significant funds for CancerCare Manitoba's Teens Living with Cancer (TLC) support program, and further research into rhabdomyosarcoma.

Unfortunately, Kendra died in December 2009 at the age of 18.  Kendra’s spirit has lived on through the annual Kendra's Walk and she continues to make a difference to the lives of teens with cancer.



Debating Success Continues!

posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Congratulations to Owen (Grade 9) and Alykhan (Grade 6) who placed second at the Junior National Debating Championships in Halifax at the end of May, narrowly losing a very close final on a 3-2 vote.

In addition to the national results, SJR debaters have had a very successful time locally. On May 18, Elizabeth (Grade 12) and Kasra (Grade 12) won the Blaikie Cup Tournament. On May 24, Vishwa (Grade 7) and Saif (Grade 7) won the Junior Novice Provincial Debating Championships, with Jack (Grade 8) and Kostubh (Grade 8) placing second. 


Exam Preparation at SJR

By: Ms. Barbara Cahoon, Director of the Centre for Learning

posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Final exams will soon be upon us! As we enter into this busy time of year, it is important for Middle and Senior School students to manage their time effectively, use active study strategies, and be as prepared as possible in order to reduce the level of stress often associated with taking exams.

On May 17, 2016, Mrs. Pat Adamson (the Grades 3-5 Learning Support Specialist) and I conducted an exam preparation workshop for approximately 60 parents and students. Topics covered in the workshop included scheduling time for exam preparation, active study strategies, tips for answering different types of exam questions, and strategies to use on the day of the exam. Feedback regarding the session was very positive.

During the month of May, the Centre for Learning also hosted a number of exam preparation workshops for Middle and Senior School students.

SJR Parents and Students, please visit the Centre for Learning’s website at www.sjr.mb.ca/cfl for more information about study strategies and exam preparation. 



12 Years of Achievement

posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 twenty SJR students gathered in the Junior School Parents’ Association Music and Arts Studio to celebrate their achievement of becoming an SJR Lifer. SJR 'Lifers' have been at the School from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 and this year was the first year that included girls who entered SJR in Grade 1. In keeping with tradition, the Grade 12 students wore their Junior School uniform and had the opportunity to look back on their first memories at SJR and hear from some of the teachers who taught them. Meanwhile Junior School students had a fun (and sometimes tricky!) time guessing who was who from their childhood photos. Congratulations Lifers!

To view more photos, visit: http://bit.ly/24iS4bi


To Imagine and Inspire

By Heather Ragot, Senior School Teacher

posted:Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last week, the Grade 11 Youth to Youth students hosted our last visit with our Grade 6 Dufferin School partners. Our Grade 11 students hosted an awesome Graduation Prom which included a BBQ lunch, certificates, and a dance party. Everyone had a great time!

Youth to Youth is a national not-for-profit organization driven by the mission “To imagine and inspire, facilitate, support and celebrate learning partnerships between Inner City Public and Independent Schools.”

A special thank you goes out to the SJR Community for their donation of gently used formal wear for the Dufferin Grade 6 students. Today’s event marks the conclusion of the third three year cycle in our partnership with Dufferin School.

Next year, students entering Grade 9 at SJR will have the opportunity to apply for a new three year cycle with Dufferin School’s Grade 4 students. The Youth to Youth Staff Advisors, Michele Catalano and Heather Ragot, would like to thank the SJR Senior School Administration, Food Services and Faculty for their support over the last three years.

SJR is very proud of the contributions of our Grade 11 students and their commitment to mentoring the Dufferin students. It’s been a wonderful journey of learning and sharing.