September News

Bringing in Books

posted: Monday, September 12, 2016

Last school year Grade 10 (now 11) student Adam started an initiative to help bring the joy of reading to a school in Air Ronge, SK and, with the help of the SJR community, made it into a huge success.

The book drive started at Ace Air Ronge, a hardware store in Air Ronge, SK owned by Adam’s family. Ace Air Ronge have long been advocates of reading (they have a ‘Give one, take one’ book box exchange for their customers and visitors) so when store manager Chris McKenzie and Adam got into a discussion about how important the love of reading is to the principal of Chris’ children’s school it sparked the idea for donating books to the school. Adam, himself an enthusiastic reader, decided to coordinate a book drive at SJR to help out the school in Air Ronge. Thanks to his efforts, over 1200 books were donated! In order to get this heavy delivery out to Saskatchewan, Adam contacted Ace Canada’s Director of Logistics, Rob Hagbourg, who was more than happy for the books to be delivered with the next Air Ronge order. In July 2016, the books arrived at the store and on September 2, 2016, store manager Chris brought the special delivery to his children’s school.

Well done Adam on a fantastic initiative and on bringing the SJR community together to help promote the joy of reading!