October News

Imagine a Class…

posted: Friday, October 28, 2016

Earlier in the year, Ms. Lauren Menzo’s Grade 1 class read a book called “Imagine a Day” by Sarah L. Thomson. The book uses imagination and beautiful illustrations to think about what our world could be like…

It inspired 1LM to write a book about an imaginary classroom. Students came up with their idea and made an illustration to go with it. It is their first published book as a class.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, the students in 1LM presented their book to the all the students at the Junior School Assembly. Each student had the opportunity to share where their imaginations took them. The students came up with some amazing ideas and left the students in the audience wondering what their ideal class would be.

Imagine a Class…
Imagine a class where a kid was teaching the teacher.
Imagine a class where everyone said the same thing at the same time.
Imagine a class where everything was on the ceiling.
Imagine a class that was made of Star Wars lego.
Imagine a class that when you walked in a T-Rex was standing there.
Imagine a class where everyone was sleeping, including you!
Imagine a class that was full of dogs.
Imagine a class that was underwater.