Find your 'home away from home' in SJR Boarding!

Boarding at SJR uniquely prepares students for life - both academically, and by fostering independence, community spirit and healthy ambition.
Enjoy time for academic endeavours, co-curricular experiences and prepare for life beyond graduation.

At SJR, we strive to attain the highest standards of academic programming.
Our diverse curriculum challenges students to develop their scholastic knowledge: they consistently rise to and surpass the bar we set, earning university credits in Advanced Placement courses and ranking nationally in debating, math and science competitions.

SJR’s world-class public speaking and debate programs are an integral part of our academic offering.
SJR students have won 14 World Debating Championships in the last 28 years – a record unmatched by any other school in the world!

Creativity is everywhere you look at SJR.

From concert bands and private music lessons to theatre productions and the visual arts, there are creative opportunities for every kind of student at SJR. By educating and nurturing artistic expression,  we both enable and ready our students for their dynamic futures.

Did you know?

100% of our graduates go to university, 80% of them with scholarships offered by the institution. Our students and alumni are World Debating Champions, Rhodes Scholars, Scholar-Athletes and more.

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Experience a Term in Boarding

We are excited to introduce a new opportunity for Grade 11 and 12 SJR students to experience a term in the SJR boarding program.

By enrolling for a semester in term in the boarding program, current day students in Grades 11 and 12 have the opportunity to experience life as an SJR boarder enjoying time for academic endeavours, co-curricular experiences, and preparing for life beyond graduation.

Transform your Senior School experience:

  • Immerse yourself in School life as part of the boarding community
  • With the SJR facilities on your doorstep, you'll have more time for study and play
  • With self-dictated study time, learn time-management alongside your academic endeavours
  • Prepare for life after high school
  • Meet new people and build a network of friends, mentors and staff

Fees and Information

Boarding fees (per term): $3,000

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